Introduction to IMPEX for SWORD and TelcoMgr

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Optional File Import and Export Utility For SWORD™ and TelcoMgr™ Standard or Professional Editions


IMPEX for SWORD is a database file utility designed for the purpose of importing or exporting data used by SWORD:ServiceBooks™ and TelcoMgr™.


Designed for Advanced Users

We strongly recommend that you first become familiar with SWORD™ and/or TelcoMgr™ and the various tables that are used before attempting to use IMPEX for the first time.


SWORD: Service Books Import & Export Options

TelcoMgr Import & Export Options

Export Files

Import Files

Browse Imported SWORD Files



Version 8.0.27

Advanced Import

Importing CSV Files (This feature has been discontinued)

Importing Excel Files

Advanced Export

Exporting as CSV Files

Exporting as HTML FilesExporting as Excel

Filtering Exports

Simple Tagging

Global Search and Tag

Query By Example

Field Data Manager

File Structures for Importing


Professional Services for data IMPORT and EXPORT of TelcoMgr files are also available from ABCI Software.